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Abstract summary

Project Description
SmartLauncher is a non intrusive application updater and launcher. It can update the desired application or the entire local application repository from a remote application repository. It is designed to work without having to integrate it during the development process. It is executed when the user clicks on the application shortcut from the start menu, or directly from the application launchpad. (See the documentation for detailed information)

Why spending time in developping such a tool when ClickOnce exists? Simply because ClickOnce is restricted to .NET programs and is directly integrated into the binaries: it does not embed them.

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Features at-a-glance

SmartLauncher offers many features that can be configured so that the solution meets your entreprise's needs:
  • Start your applications:
    • From the Application Start Center
    • From a managed shortcut in your Windows Start menu
    • From a managed shortcut you created onto your desktop
    • From the favorites applications on the toolbar
    • From the favorite applications in the system tray menu
  • Update your applications:
    • When you start SmartLauncher
    • Everytime you start an application with SmartLauncher
    • Everytime you start an application from a managed shortcut
    • When you decide it
  • Other cool features
    • Brand the application following your needs: title, icon, settings policy, ...
    • Log the activity in log files
    • In case of unmanaged error, a bug report can be sent to your IT helpdesk: it contains the application settings, the log file and a print screen
    • Use SmartLauncher in basic or advanced mode
    • Decide if your end-users can change the options or not
    • Integrated self-update of SmartLauncher



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